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Moffitt Caswell Southern Trucking is a heavy hauler near Belfair, WA that offers overweight and oversize hauling you can count on. We cover miles all over Southeast Texas, delivering cargo to clients promptly and efficiently. Not to mention we've selected the best certified and dependable drivers. Without a doubt, you can trust your freight is in safest hands.

At Moffitt Caswell, it’s our goal to provide service that benefits your bottom line! A few of the heavy hauling services we offer include:

Heavy Cargo

If you have oversized cargo and need a heavy hauler near Belfair, WA, Moffitt Caswell is dedicated to getting the job done for you. Heavy cargo hauling requires an expert to determine the right trailers and coordinate logistics. We provide specialized trailers that can haul loads exceeding standard dimensions and weights. What's more, we’ll take care of all the dirty details and make sure your shipment runs smoothly. Moffitt Caswell regularly transports heavy trucks, construction equipment, primary earthmoving machines, and any other heavy or commercial equipment or machines.

Oil Industry Equipment

The oil industry, specifically oil drilling, uses many types of large equipment, requiring heavy haul services for transportation. At Moffitt Caswell, we’re known for our experience in hauling oil equipment barracks, mud pumps, traveling blocks, draw works, sand pipes, tanks, conductor pipes, cranes, and more. Our trusted team of movers will ensure a timely and safe delivery, preventing any damage along the way. In fact, we offer up to the minute tracking on all of our carriers, providing full transparency on the status of your shipments.

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Construction Machinery Heavy Hauler near Belfair, WA

If you’re in the construction industry, we know your job depends on getting machinery to the right place at the right time. For that reason, we’ve developed our logistics division at Moffitt Caswell to help customers with even the most unconventional freight. We specialize in large transport services for the construction industry, which means our fleet can handle your haul. While self-propelled construction machinery is our specialty, we have the ability to move almost anything.

Service First

We are a service company that happens to transport heavy equipment. Service is our business. For this reason, we stand by a “service-first” principle—meaning we are dedicated to meeting all your needs from start to finish. We’ve made it our job to make sure you can do your job—with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Make us your trusted heavy hauler near Belfair, WA today!

Our Mission

No matter what, service comes first. We are a service business and our customers are the most valued part of our industry. We guarantee that the Moffitt Caswell name is not only synonymous with excellence, but that you will always have the reliable service and communication you need, wherever you need it.

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